Masha's Punch Embroidery Needle Products

Masha's punch embroidery needle

Types of Needles:

  • 8mm short needle for standard punch embroidery
  • 11mm long needle for a higher pile (loops)
  • 12mm thicker needle for thicker threads and wool

Needle threader

Needle Threaders are special moulds with inserted thin wire loops specifically designed to thread Masha's Punch Embroidery Needle.


Masha's Embroidery Hoops are designed to provide a superior work platform for any embroidery. The matted texture of the plastic hoop ensures a non-slip finish and the fastening wing-nut guarentees a firm grip.


Many fine threads can be used in punch-needle embroidery, such as single-strand cotton, machine embroidery rayon, metallic threads, fine wool, pearl, silk and stranded threads. In fact just about anything that fits freely through the eye of the needle.

Masha's Punch Embroidery Needle also distributes yarn perfect for punch-needle embroidery. The thread is a single strand and comes in approximately 50 different colours.

Transfer book

Masha's transfer books contain a wide range of designs ready to be applied to almost any material.

Designs on fabric

Fabric pre-printed with one of Masha's disigns is a convenient option for many people who want to start on their embroidery as soon as possible. Please review the designs page and make sure to note down the product number of your favourity pattern before making your order for fabric pre-printed with a design.

Colour chart

A colour chart comes with each design. This chart has numbered codes for each colour used in the design and, when followed acurately, makes it easy to produce beautiful embroidery, no matter how elaborate the pattern.

Fur Embroidery Brush

You can brush Russian punch embroidery to create a fluffly look and feel, great for making kittens, puppies and teady bears. Almost all threads can be brushed to simulate fur using the Fur Embroidery Brush. Contact Masha's Punch Embroidery Needle for more information.