Multi-Stranded Threads

If you are using stranded threads for a small needle, you only need one strand, so the thread must be separated first.

This procedure begins by extending the stranded thread to its full length.
Then simply pull one end of the six strands and wind it onto a floss bobbin.
Continue pulling the thread while keeping the rest of the strands tangle-free. Don't worry when the remaining strands bunch up, as they will untangle when the single strand comes out. Repeat this procedure with the remaining strands, winding them on to the same bobbin.


  • For a medium-sized needle you can use two strands of thread.
  • Three or four strands can be used together with the large needle.
    Thicker threads can also be used with the large needle.

Single-Stranded Threads

An excellent range of single-stranded threads is available from Masha's Punch Embroidery Needle. For further details, please refer to the Products page.