About Punch Needle Embroidery

You can embroider roses like these on almost any material or clothing!

Punch needle embroidery is the art of working one basic stitch with a hollow needle to create a raised ornamental design on woven fabric.
Punch embroidery requires no knotting. It is durable and machine washable. Various types of threads can be used on different fabrics.

Russian Punch Embroidery

In Russian punch embroidery, a hollow threaded needle is punched into woven fabric leaving a loop. When this simple procedure is repeated neatly and precisely, the result is a surface of loops similar in appearance to carpet pile. The loops can be small pile (close to the fabric) or high pile (high enough to trim and create a velvet effect) creating a three-dimensional design.


The traditional art of Russian punch embroidery was discovered within the small isolated villages of the Eastern Bloc countries. The craft was largely put aside during the demanding living conditions of communist rule.


Russian punch embroidery is an easy, unique and beautiful craft that can be applied to almost any material or clothing. Picking up the craft is easy ... putting it down is impossible!!!

Try Russian punch embroidery on:
  • Cushion Covers

  • Personalised Applique on Towels

  • Table Cloths, Serviettes

  • Place-mats

  • Tea Cosies

  • Table runners & Dollies

  • Bedspreads & Pillowcases

  • Wallhangings

  • Greeting Cards

  • Photo Album Covers

  • Clothing for Children & Adults

  • Babies Blankets

  • Toilet Roll Holders

  • Floor Matts


applique on towel

Baby girl's dress
 with embroidered decoration